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Thakur College of Science and Commerce established in the year 1992, has been one of the Youngest college to be rated as the 3rd Leading College in Mumbai, Maharashtra by TRA. It has about 15,000 students in campus. Our college has been Re-Accredited by NAAC as a Garde 'A' College in 2016, for it is a great ground for learning and fun. Thakur College of Science & Commerce, has alredy formed a nucleus for a vibrant educational campus with Thakur College of Engineering & Technology, Thakur Institue of Management Sudies & Research, Carrer Development & Research, Thakur Institue of Architecture, spread over a few acres of campus with over 30,000 students in Kandivali.

About Cortokino


There are million things that can go wrong on a film set. Misplaced props, improper costumes, scripts flying around and the never ending hustle-bustle of people. But, all these comes to a standstill and a pin drop silence takes over as soon as the clap hits the broad and the word ACTION echoes the room. Shackles of language cannot hold film back, films are a language in themselves. May it be a timeless classic like Bicycle thieves (Vittorio De Scia), Pather Panchali (Satyajit Ray), Breathless (Jean-Luc-Godard) or modern day cult film, like Apocalypto (Mel Gibson), none of these films ever fell short because of their language. Cortokino- Unleashing Global Cinema, a short film festival organized by the Mass Media students of Thakur College of Science and Commerce with the idea of bringing together all those dreamers and artists who believe in the language of films, as its heart. Cortokino has been a hub for filmmakers from around the world ever since it's conception. We have been receiving entries form over 93 countries including USA, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy,and many others.

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When a man is denied a life he believes in, he is left with no other option that to go out of bounds, as an Outlaw. These is an outlaw, a real rebel inside each one of us. Sometimes this outlaw takes charge of one's life and ends up establishing empires.


It's time to pledge your allegiance to the largest Syndicate of them all. It's time to see the Big Picture. Calling all the Mafia Families, whose tales were loved by all of us, some even more than the ones of heroes, to shake hands with us and become a part of our mission as we together take over the entire cinematic universe.

Cortokino 2019 brings to you.....

Silver Screen Syndicate The stage where every Cartel, every Mafia family gets a chance to follow their leader and rise above the rest. Fight to grab a seat at the high table and establish your family's dominance in Syndicate.

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